Hi, I’m Juan. My greatest joys in life are my superhero wife and our wonderful (crazy) children. We have a kiddo sandwich consisting of a boy, then a girl, and finally a second little boy to complete our family.

I have the best family!

I’m currently a graduate student at the University of Michigan, where I get to learn about the past, the present, and the future of education. I also get to intern at the university’s Center for Academic Innovation, where we’re making the future of learning happen now. My plan is to continue working towards educational equity and increased access around the world combining technology and research on the science of learning.

I also consider myself an advocate of open science, open data, open source software, open educational resources, and everything in between. Research needs to be as accessible and reproducible as possible, and I do what I can in my own spheres of influence to further that aim. Similarly, furthering the goals of the open web—primarily through advocacy for and incorporation of IndieWeb protocols—is an important goal of mine. You can check out my personal open repositories, along with my latest projects, at my GitHub account.

When I’m not working on my personal projects, sharpening my Python / statistical analysis skills, or reading the latest publications in the field, you’ll usually find me spending quality time with my family.

About this site

This site serves as a central hub for the goings-on of my life. Primarily, I plan to use it so like-minded academics, educators, and internauts can contact me easily and learn more about my latest projects. I’m always looking for fellow collaborators, so feel free to reach out.

But aside from providing basic information about me, this site hosts my blog and microblog. These are the best places to read about my educational endeavors and my ramblings about adventures, travel, and the like.

This is a static site that runs on the Hugo framework. It’s hosted for free at GitHub and deployed using Netlify. The site accepts Webmentions and uses other IndieWeb protocols to further the open web. Everything you see is constantly changing as much as my life is. You’ll find the GitHub repo for the entire site here.