Journeys across the Mediterranean

After practically living _in _Petra for a month and a half, intimately getting to know the sites daily and being constantly surrounded by 2,000 year-old buildings and inscriptions, I thought seeing Athens and then Jerusalem wouldn’t make much of an impact on me. Boy was I wrong.

Excited? Better believe it.

My day in Athens was a blast. I essentially just had an 11-hour layover, which was the perfect amount of time to visit the Acropolis and then the Acropolis Museum. The city as a whole was beautiful and I found it easy enough to find my way around. The Acropolis itself was everything I expected and more. The architecture there blew me away, and it reminded me of my days touring Turkey. But it was really the museum that left me impressed far beyond what I expected.

After climbing to Ad-Deir every day in Petra, this climb to the top of the Acropolis was child's play in comparison.
The famous Parthenon.

The Acropolis Museum is small compared to most others that house artifacts of such magnitude and importance, but the way things were organized, explained, and displayed, provided the perfect learning experience. I can safely say I learned much more about the ancient Greeks than I expected. And I loved it.

Mmmm Greek food. Enjoying a relaxing date with me, myself, and I.

And now my first week in Jerusalem has been amazing. The first thing I did when I got here was of course to visit the Old City and many of my favorite spots. The smells, sights, and sounds brought back so many memories. But my favorite part of all has been speaking the language.

The Old City of Jerusalem in the background.

I undoubtedly feel my Hebrew improving by leaps and bounds, especially when it comes to feeling comfortable having conversations on the street. I speak almost exclusively Hebrew all day, and it is making all the difference in the world. Learning a language is such a rewarding experience!

Someone seriously needs to turn this into a superhero.
Nothing like going to the Festival of Lights in the Old City with old friends.

I’ve got one more week to go here, which I expect to be just as amazing (and even more … check future posts) as the first. But for now, here I am, sitting in a hostel in Jerusalem, watching the Colombia vs. Ivory Coast game of the World Cup.

Vamos Colombia!!