Plan for site and blog

This site is very much a work in progress. I have many IndieWeb protocols I hope to implement in the near future, especially WebMentions. I also want to import many of my past ramblings from my previous blog (last used in 2014!) and maybe even from Facebook and Twitter.

Still, I think it important to give a basic overview of what I plan to do here. This post will address two questions:

  1. How is this site organized?
  2. What will I blog about?

How is this site organized?

My plan is to have this site organized into three main areas: academic information, blog, and microblog. Academic information includes things like my CV, current projects, data and code repositories, etc. This is my main reason for a having a site at all.

The blog and microblog sections are meant to replace my dependence on social media silos such as Facebook and Twitter. Though I still plan to syndicate anything I do here to those and other platforms, my posts and thoughts will reside on my own site first and foremost.1 The blog section is for longer articles, while my microblog is (theoretically) restricted to shorter posts, pictures, and check-insβ€”think Twitter or short Facebook posts. My reason for separating these into two separate sections is to make it easier to find an organized set of more though-out articles in the midst of a flood of short posts.

At least this is how I plan to have things organized for now. All of it is subject to change in the future.

What will I blog about?

Great question. Seeing as my life consists of two main areas, everything I post will fall into one or the other.

First and foremost is my family life. I really hit the jackpot on this one. I have the most wonderful wife and children I could ask for, and they are by far the best aspect of my life. I’ve only been married for three and a half years, but we’ve already had some crazy adventures as a family. In fact, we’re spending this academic year in Israel, so you can bet I’ll be posting a bit about our time here.

Most of my posts in this category will be delegated to my microblog. I think this arrangement makes sense since it’ll mostly be small, independent events that I’ll be sharing from my personal and family life.

Though I’m not sure yet, I expect that most of my longer blog posts will deal with topics related to my professional interests. This could include insights on language acquisition, news on educational technology, use-cases for learning analytics or data science techniques, and open science. I’ll also post about hobbies and non-professional interests like the IndieWeb, my own site, books I’m reading, travel, and politics. But posts about more personal aspects of my life will probably surface occasionally as well.

So that’s it. This post is mainly an attempt to get me motivated to post regularly and to make me more accountable. I hope to revisit these questions in a few months and see where things are at then.

  1. I’m relying entirely on for the hosting and implementation of my microblog. I’d prefer to not have this be a permanent arrangement, but it’s working nicely for now. [return]